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Bill Management and Payment Network makes it easy for small and midsize businesses to pay anyone electronically via ePayments.

ePayments use the secure Automated Clearing House (ACH) system to move money electornically between bank accounts. With you can set up vendors to receive ePayments and they will be paid directly into their bank accounts without paying any merchant fees.



It's Easy to Get Started!

Payables customers can set up any vendor to receive ePayments. There are three simple options:

  • You can search our database of over 4000 major vendors (including most banks, credit card companies, utilities, insurance companies, etc.) and if they are in our database, you simply select the vendor, and add your account number, and you are done!
  • You can invite vendors or individuals to join the Payment Network. They will receive a customized email invitation and can choose to enter their bank information on a secure, FREE, vendor site.
  • You can ask your vendor for their bank routhing and account numbers and add them to their vendor profile.

Whenever you pay a vendor who is set up for ePayments through the Payment Network, the payment will be made electornically directly into their bank account!

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